IIIF Curation Platform

IIIF Curation Platform is a user-driven next-generation IIIF platform with curation as the essential concept.

What is IIIF Curation Viewer?

IIIF Curation Viewer is an image viewer compatible with IIIF. It offers not only basic features such as page navigation and page zoom, but also unique features of curation to collect parts of images from the world's IIIF-compatible websites. Software is designed to be simple with minimum features, but you can also extend the software using the plugin framework.

Paste the URL of a IIIF manifest here to see IIIF Curation Viewer in action!

An image of IIIF Curation Viewer

Unique Features

"Curation" feature to cut, collect and share parts of images from the world is the first in the IIIF community.

Extensible Design

You can create a configuration that combines selected features by taking advantage of plugin framework and micro-service mechanism.

Open Source

IIIF Curation Platform is open source. You can use it as-is, or modify it to fit into your purpose.

What is Curation?

Curation was originally about collecting content related to a theme, arranging them in an appropriate order, and exhibiting them as new content. Curation is a derivative work that creates values from the new combination of existing elements, and is also user-driven content that creates new interpretations of content by sharing diverse viewpoints of people. The purpose of the IIIF Curation Platform is to bring the mechanism of user-driven value creation into the world of IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework). Here the feature of curation, or "scissors and paste" in the digital age for cutting, collecting, pasting and storing parts of images, plays an essential role.

Please see examples of curation such as Collection of Facial Expressions, IIIF Global Curation and Curation of Pre-modern Japanese Text.

An example of curation


1. IIIF Curation Platform Tutorial: installation and usage of the ICP.

2. Features of IIIF Curation Platform: overview and use cases of the ICP.

3. Demo of IIIF Curation Platform: the list of ICP components with demonstration from CODH. These software components can be used without installation. Please refer to Installation of ICP to check if you need installation.

4. IIIF Curation Platform Software: the list of client components, server components and Docker.

5. ICP Service Repository: explanation about extending ICP services.

6. ICP Tools: explanation about tools that cooperate with ICP.



Apps and Others

The logo of IIIF Curation Platform

Logo of IIIF Curation Platform

IIIF Curation Platform Logo on the left side symbolizes the basic concept of curation, that is cutting a part of images by drawing a rectangle on the canvas.

Links to IIIF Curation Viewer and others is recommended to use this logo. Please download the following files and use them freely.

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