IIIF Curation Platform

IIIF Curation Platform Tutorial

The IIIF Curation Platform (ICP) has a variety of features, but the documentation for each software is intended as a reference, and it may be difficult to get the full picture just by reading these. Hence we provide a list of turorials for the ICP.

ICP Tutorial

A collection of environmental settings and practical working procedures for cropping and collecting images through group work.

100 Recipes for IIIF Curation Platform

On February 2021, we hosted the CODH seminar 100 Recipes for IIIF Curation Platform to create a cookbook of 100 recipes illustrating the basic functions of ICP and its use cases in various projects.

Case Study of IIIF Curation Board

Analysis of faces in terms of location and style in Heiji Monogatari Emaki using IIIF Curation Board.


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