Features of IIIF Curation Platform


IIIF Curation Platform (ICP) is composed of several open source software. We introduce ICP software in the following. Note that IIIF Image Server and IIIF Presentation Server are not included in the ICP.

Client Software

Software that works in the browser as user interface.

IIIF Curation Viewer

IIIF Curation Viewer Embedded

IIIF Curation Finder

IIIF Curation Manager

IIIF Curation Editor

IIIF Curation Player

Server Software

Software that offers server-side API, and data storage and access services to the client.


Canvas Indexer


Docker environment to support the installation of ICP.

ICP Docker

Installation of ICP

Some of the functionality of ICP can be easily used without installation, but installation allows users to build a dedicated project environment, and there are many choices about how to use ICP. The following shows four typical patterns for using ICP.

Use Case Installation Environment dedicated to your project
1 Use the demonstration offered from CODH No installation Not possible
2 Use only ICP clients Download the ZIP file and expand them at the appropriate location on the web server Not appropriate
3 Use also ICP servers You can either install by yourself, but Docker may save your effort OK
4 Use the ICP environment hosted by CODH No installation is required (but you need to have a collaborative research agreement with CODH) OK

By comparing the table above, please find the installation type that fits to your requirement. IIIF Curation Platform tutorial also helps your installation.