List of Projects

Historical Big Data

Historical big data is a project about seamless analysis of the environment and the society from the past and the present based on various records written by humans.

Kuzushiji Challenge!

Old books in the Edo period was written by kuzushiji (old Japanese characters), but most of the modern Japanese people cannot read those characters any more. Then, can AI (artificial intelligence) read kuzushiji? We release a large-scale machine learning dataset "Kuzushiji Dataset" to the world, and promote the research and development of AI kuzushiji recognition (OCR) so that we can tackle the grand challenge of analyzing the thousand years of Japanese literate culture.

Edo+150 Projects

On November 9, 1867, the restoration of imperial rule symbolized the end of Edo Period. 150 years have passed since then, and now is the time to revive the information space of Edo, using open data about the 260 years of Edo period, and taking advantage of the state-of-the-art technologysuch as artificial intelligence (AI).

Bukan Complete Collection

The project aims at analyzing comprehensively the collection of "Bukan" books, which is the best seller through the 200 years of Edo period, and constructing core information platform about Edo period in terms of human and geospatial information about Daimyo (lords) and Shogunate government.

North China Railway Archive

A research database on North China Railway Company by linking company's promotional stock photographs with its transportation network, and studying the activities of the company from the theme and location of photographs.

Digital Silk Road

Digital humanities research project about creating digital archives of cultural heritage based on collaboration between informatics and humanities.

Memory Platform / Memorygraph

Memorygraph is a new photographic technique to create the layer of memories, and the project aims to develop the Memorygraph app to use it for field work of cultural heritage, tourism, and recovery from disasters.


A project that aims at integrating geographic information science (GIS) and natural language processing (NLP) to develop a geo-tagging system that transforms text to maps automatically.