Software (apps)

List of Software

IIIF-based Image Delivery and Case Studies

The usage of IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) for image delivery in large-scale image databases ranging from humanities to natural sciences, with a long-term goal to contributing to international communities.

IIIF Curation Platform

Focusing on the concept of "curation," we build a next generation IIIF platform that is open and user-driven.

IIIF Curation Viewer

An open-source IIIF image viewer that takes advantage of IIIF Image API and IIIF Presentation API, and proposes and implements new specifications such as Curation API, Timeline API and Cursor API.

IIIF Curation Finder

An open-source IIIF Search tool for searching curations created by IIIF Curation Viewer and creating new curations by re-editing.

IIIF Curation Editor

An open-source tool for editing curations created by IIIF Curation Viewer, etc.

IIIF Curation Player

An open-source tool for playing curations created by IIIF Curation Viewer, etc.


A flask web application for storing JSON documents; with some special functions for JSON-LD.

Canvas Indexer

A flask web application that crawls Activity Streams for IIIF Canvases and offers a search API.

ICP Docker

Scripts for installing IIIF Curation Platform on a Docker environment.