CODH Conference

CODH conference is to call for papers and presentations from the community on a topic related to digital humanities.

Conferences Organized by CODH

Keynote lectures on the recent trend of digital humanities

September 10 (Mon), 2018, 13:00-16:15 (open at 12:30)

Hitotsubashi Hall (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Free of charge, talks are in English, with English-to-Japanese simultaneous translation

Registration deadline: September 6 (Thu)

* Keynote speakers *

1. Robert Campbell (Director General, National Institute of Japanese Literature)

The NIJL Database of Pre-modern Japanese Works

2. Julia Noordegraaf (University of Amsterdam)

Amsterdam 4D: Navigating the History of Urban Creativity through Space and Time

3. Susan Schreibman (Maynooth University)

Creating Collections of Social Relevance

This is a rare opportunity to welcome three researchers leading digital humanities research in Japan and Europe. In particular, Professor Susan Schreibman is one of three authors of standard digital humanities textbook, "A New Companion to Digital Humanities" and has lead digital humanities communities in Europe and America.

Keynote lectures include digital humanities of the present and the future, such as the latest information about mass digitization project of Japanese historical books, a news style of digital history research going on in Amsterdam, and relationship between social impact and cultural collections, with reference to TEI (Text Encoding Initiative).

JADH2018 - 8th Conference of Japanese Association for Digital Humanities (JADH2018) "Leveraging Open data"

September 9 to September 11, Hitotsubashi Hall, Tokyo, Japan

** JADH2018 in summary **

- Have a glance at latest research projects and results in digital humanities in the world, including 28 oral presentations, 2 panels, 36 posters and workshops.

- Joint with TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) 2018 conference, which came to Asia for the first time. It is a rare opportunity to join two international conferences at the same time.

- Keynote lectures from top scholars in Japan and Europe, including Prof. Robert Campbell, the director of National Institute of Japanese Literature.

The theme of this year's conference is "Leveraging Open Data." How humanities research will be transformed by digital and open paradigm of research? We welcome scholars and experts from diverse disciplines.

TEI Conference and Members' Meeting TEI2018 “TEI as a Global Language”

September 9 to September 13, Hitotsubashi Hall, Tokyo, Japan

** TEI2018 in summary **

- First time to have the conference in Asia in the 31 years of TEI history.

- Workshop (9th) : recent trends in Europe about the digitization of epigraphs and letters, introduction of TEI in Japanese, and four others.

- 45 papers, 4 panels, and posters / demonstrations about the state-of-the-art research and projects mainly from Europe and America, in addition to East Asia and Japan.

TEI consortium has been developing the guideline for a better sharing of humanities resources by humanities scholars, and now is the time to collaborate more with non-European cultural spheres, as represented by this year's conference theme "TEI as a Global Language." This is a rare opportunity to touch on the edge and deepness of cultural resource digitization in Europe and America, lead by the community of humanities scholars. We welcome not only humanities scholars, but also people who are interested in the digitization and utilization of culutral materials in a more effective framework. We hope that you find any hints and opportunities at the conference.

Conferences Involved by CODH members

  1. International Workshop on Data Science 2018
  2. International Workshop on Sharing, Citation and Publication of Scientific Data across Disciplines