ROIS-DS-JOINT 2019: Call for the Collaboration Program

Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research calls for collaboration program for FY 2019 in terms of (1) Joint Research Program and (2) Joint Research Meeting Program. If you are thinking about applying for the program, please make a contact with members before application.

ROIS-DS-JOINT 2019: Call for the Collaboration Program

The following is the list of projects accepted so far (in Japanese).

  1. 2018 ROIS-DS-JOINT List of Accepted Projects
  2. 2017 ROIS-DS-JOINT List of Accepted Projects

Ongoing Collaborative Projects

R&D Collaborative Program (National Institute of Japanese Literature) "Enhancement of Search Functions"

n2i Project

The challenge of ongoing digitization of modern documents is transcription and search of text. To realize statistical reconstruction of text from images, we study state-of-the-art statistical models for OCR, and work on the development of infrastructure and providing open access to data.

Center for Open Data in the Humanities (CODH)
Tomoko MATSUI, Tadahiko MAEDA, Daichi MOCHIHASHI (ISM)
Asanobu KITAMOTO (NII), Chikahiko SUZUKI (CODH)
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
Kikuo MAEKAWA, Tomonobu OGISO, Masayuki ASAHARA, Tomokazu TAKADA
Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, The University of Tokyo
Hideki MIMA, Katsuya MASUDA

Dataset of Modern Magazines