Memory Platform



Memorygraph is a new photographic technique that creates a layer of memories. By taking photographs of the same composition, we can create the temporal layer of memories of the place. The basic functionality of the app is to show a photograph of the past as semi-transparent overlay on the camera viewfinder, and a user presses a shutter button when the current landscape matches with the photograph. This simple mechanism can be used in various contexts, not only for a field work of cultural heritage using old photographs, but also for the fixed point recording of before-after disaster and recovery, and also pop culture tourism using multimedia content for touristic places.

Memory Hunting

Memory Hunting is an activity to find the place that an old photograph was taken using the mechanism (app) of Memorygraph, and think about the meaning of temporal change that occurred in the landscape. When a photograph does not have location information such as latitude and longitude, the most reliable way of finding the accurate location is to perform a field work to find the place where the photograph and the current landscape make an exact matching. The first challenge is to use the data from field work for digital humanities research. In addition, from the viewpoint of citizen science, the second challenge is to design a more enjoyable and societally valuable activity and evaluate the effect of the design.

Photographs of Past and Present

Photographs of Past and Present is an example of doing the same thing as memory hunting with a regular camera without using the app. A regular camera may be enough to do the same thing, but it requires some efforts to take pictures while comparing past photos with the current landscape. This experience led to the development of the memory hunting app.

Please refer to the Memory Platform page for more detail.