Memory Platform


Memory Platform is a repository of memories using Memorygraph, which is a new photographic technique to create the layer of memories. In a more general context, memory platform is a repository to technically rganize, present, and store digitized memories, in a similar way as memory institutions including museums, libraries and archives, as a social device to organize, present and store collective memories. We have been studying the concept of memory platform from diverse viewpoints, but in CODH, we develop programs for the field work of cultural heritage, tourism and disaster recovery as a part of digital humanities project using Memorygraph.

Memory Platform


Memorygraph is a new photographic technique that creates a layer of memories. By taking photographs of the same composition, we can create the temporal layer of memories of the place. The basic functionality of the app is to show a photograph of the past as semi-transparent overlay on the camera viewfinder, and a user presses a shutter button when the current landscape matches with the photograph. This simple mechanism can be used in various contexts, not only for a field work of cultural heritage using old photographs, but also for the fixed point recording of disaster sites from damage to recovery, and also pop culture tourism using multimedia content for touristic places.

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Memory Hunting

Memory Hunting is an activity to find the place that an old photograph was taken using the mechanism (app) of Memorygraph, and think about the meaning of temporal change that occurred in the landscape. When a photograph does not have location information such as latitude and longitude, the most reliable way of finding the accurate location is to perform a field work to find the place where the photograph and the current landscape make an exact matching. The first challenge is to use the data from field work for digital humanities research. In addition, from the viewpoint of citizen science, the second challenge is to design a more enjoyable and societally valuable activity and evaluate the effect of the design.

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Memory of the Disaster and Memory Platform

Memory Platform has two viewpoints; the first is information platform to deal with personal and collective memories in the communities, and the second is information platform for a memory institution, which is a concept to integrate the museum, the library, and the archive. Those institutions are collectively called MLA, which have different history and purposes, but their common missions may be extracted based on the concept of "memory" such as persistently keeping knowledge and memories of the community. One of the important target of this information platform is "disaster." Memory Platform summarizes the concept and practices into this direction.